DavidJibsonDavid Jibson is a poet and the editor of 3rd Wednesday Magazine.  His latest poetry collection is Protective Coloration from  Kelsay Books / Aldrich Press.  It’s also available from Amazon.com. Each of his titles has free sample poems available (click individual titles from the “Books” dropdown menu).


Protective Coloration

“In this splendid collection of engaging and unmistakably American poems, David Jibson manages to find beauty in utterly unexpected places: piled up on a back shelf at the Salvation Army Store, for example, or strung along the bedraggled length of the Ohio Turnpike—or perhaps in the lovely, tentative dance of a blind woman learning to walk with a white cane. Along with a faint echo of Ted Kooser or Billy Collins at their conversational best, you’ll be captivated by Jibson’s own irresistible voice: that of a witty, insightful observer of the astonishments that surround us.”
     Marilyn L. Taylor,
     Wisconsin Poet Laureate, Emerita