Year of Moons

YearofMoonsCoverSmMy project for poetry month of 2022 was to have a deep look at the forms of contemporary haiku, senryu and sijo in English; to read, study and learn to write them, not a simple task, as I already knew.

As a lit journal editor, I have often been in the position of needing to evaluate submissions of claimed “haiku”, many of which had little to do with the actual spirit of the original Japanese masters and which were often simply poems written in the 5-7-5 syllabic pattern that most of us were erroneously taught by well-meaning but misinformed teachers in high school or earlier. I often didn’t feel confident in judging them on their merits as haiku.

Oh yeah, I’ve included some black and white photos of some original watercolors because I needed to fill a few more pages to make this a book.

Just click the cover image to download the pdf version for free. This book is also available in print for just $6 at

— David Jibson