Honky Tonk / David Jibson

I wrote Honky-Tonk, which originally appeared in Fried Chicken and Coffee, with a particular road house in mind. Its name came from the fact that its distance from each of three small towns in rural Michigan was seven miles and it was owned for a period of time by my mother. The poem is now included in Protective Coloration (Kelsay Books, 2020). It’s available from Kelsay and from Amazon.

The Canals of Mars / David Jibson

Astronomer Percival Lowell, founder of the Lowell Observatory, published Mars and Its Canals in 1906. His observations of the planet mars were greatly influenced by those of Giovanni Schiaparelli. The two men’s speculations generated many subsequent sci-fi novels, stories, movies and, eventually, this poem which appeared first in Apex Magazine and now in my collection, Protective Coloration, avialable from Kelsay Books and at Amazon.com.