Poetry Giveaway – Film Noir by David Jibson

Film Noie: A Celebration of Film Noir in Poetry.

product_thumbnailI love old films and I especially love film noir. In this collection I celebrate some of the characters, plots, and familiar settings of film noir through poetry. Inside you’ll find dark cityscapes and blind alleys. There are private-eyes, taxi dancers, thugs, mugs, crime bosses, night club sirens, crooked cops, gun molls and a morgue full of bodies. The newsreels and the previews of coming attractions are done. The projectionist is nicely drunk. Settle back in your seat, claim the armrests on both sides and enjoy the feature. – David Jibson

Poem Noir is out of print, but a digital edition is now available free to anyone from the author’s website.

Poetry Giveaway / Michigan Gothic by David Jibson

Michigan Gothic

Yes. I’m giving this poetry chapbook away free to anyone.

As death comes to Augie, it parallels the death of the American family farm and a culture that once helped to define who we are. This chapbook tells the story of Augie and his family in a series of twenty free verse poems.

Michigan Gothic is out of print but is now available as a free download in PDF format. Just click the cover photo to get your copy.

Review of “Year of Moons”

YearofMoonsCoverSmYear of Moons is precious to me. These poems do what I look for; the poem says one thing but means something else. Case in point, my favorite in the collection is a haiku in which the fish breaks the surface. And my 2nd favorite, Way of the River with its ripples of radiating meanings. “Make it [the river] take you where you want to go.” I like the sensual nape of the neck poem, and the way Mr. Jibson makes a poem out of something we’re all familiar with (but don’t write about) like grandmother’s old recipe cards. Of the moon poems, travel moon takes the reader well outside its frame, a great quality in a poem. The same for the Milky Way poem. The thought and research that went into the making of Year of Moons are two of its great qualities, along with the sensitive observations throughout and depth and clarity the writer brought to the project.

Laurence W. Thomas, Editor Emeritus
3rd Wednesday Magazine

Year of Moons by David Jibson is available as a free download at https://davidkjibson.com/
and is available in print at Amazon.com.

Year of Moons

Year of Moons, my 2022 poetry month project, is available for free download. 

YearofMoonsCoverSmAs a lit journal editor, I have often been in the position of needing to evaluate submissions of claimed “haiku”, many of which had little to do with the actual spirit of the original Japanese masters and which were often simply poems written in the 5-7-5 syllabic pattern that most of us were erroneously taught by well-meaning but misinformed teachers in high school or earlier. I often didn’t feel confident in judging them on their merits as haiku.

My project for poetry month of 2022 was to have a deeper look at the forms of contemporary haiku, senryu and sijo in English; to read, study and learn to write them, not a simple task, as I already knew.

Just click on the cover image to visit the free download page.