Four Sijo / David Jibson

This cycle of seasonal Sijo poems was first published by The Bamboo Hut and is now part of the collection, Protective Coloration (2020, Kelsay Books). It’s also available from

Sijo is a Korean form comprised of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. Each line contains a pause near the middle, similar to a caesura, Contemporary Sijo are often printed in six lines.

Siren Song

jibson_frontSiren Song is obviously a small town poem. Over the years I’ve taken inspiration from my early experiences and observations from the little town in which I grew up. This poem begins with one small town memory then takes off on a flight of childhood fantasy. This is one poem from the collection, Protective Coloration, now on sale from Kelsay Books and at

The Canals of Mars / David Jibson

Astronomer Percival Lowell, founder of the Lowell Observatory, published Mars and Its Canals in 1906. His observations of the planet mars were greatly influenced by those of Giovanni Schiaparelli. The two men’s speculations generated many subsequent sci-fi novels, stories, movies and, eventually, this poem which appeared first in Apex Magazine and now in my collection, Protective Coloration, avialable from Kelsay Books and at

What They Left Behind

This poem first appeared in the Waccamaw Journal from Coastal Carolina University and is now is included in my collection: Protective Coloration from Kelsay Books. It can also be purchased from Amazon.

If you’ve ever moved into a house after a previous owner or tenant, you may have had an experience like the one in this “list” poem, little clues left behind that tell you something about the people who lived there.

A free sampling from this book is available at

Dark City

Dark City is the first poem in the chapbook Poem Noir, a celebration of noir film in poetry. Dark City sets the stage for a parade of characters, plots and familiar settings. Inside this book you’ll find dark cityscapes and blind alleys. There are private-eyes, taxi dancers, thugs, mugs, crime bosses, night club sirens, crooked cops, gun molls and a morgue full of bodies. It’s like a graphic novel without the graphics.

Poem Noir is available for $6.00 at

Meet Augie and Wanda

Augie and Wanda are two principal charecters from my chapbook, Michigan Gothic. As death comes to Augie, it parallels the death of the American family farm and a culture that once helped to define who we are. This chapbook tells the story of Augie and his family in a series of twenty free verse poems.  Available for $6.00 from

Protective Coloration

Protective Coloration is the author’s latest release from Kelsay Books.  It’s available from Kelsay or from You can open a sample in PDF format by clicking on the cover photo.


In this splendid collection of engaging and unmistakably American poems, David Jibson manages to find beauty in utterly unexpected places: piled up on a back shelf at the Salvation Army Store, for example, or strung along the bedraggled length of the Ohio Turnpike—or perhaps in the lovely, tentative dance of a blind woman learning to walk with a white cane. Along with a faint echo of Ted Kooser or Billy Collins at their conversational best, you’ll be captivated by Jibson’s own irresistible voice: that of a witty, insightful observer of the astonishments that surround us.

Marilyn L. Taylor,
Wisconsin Poet Laureate, Emerita

To read David Jibson’s poems is like leafing through a pile of photos of your life and suddenly rediscovering feelings and events you had forgotten or never knew. Each snapshot is replete with carefully selected images organized to create unity and fulfillment. His poems range from trivia to exotic, from people we recognize to those we would like to meet. Topics include science, religion, philosophy, history, music, art, and (the requisite for all good poetry) basic old-fashioned entertainment.

Lawrence W. Thomas,
Founding Editor, Third Wednesday Magazine
Honorary Chancellor, Poetry Society of Michigan